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Bamboo Whisk + Free Bamboo Scoop

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Chasen (Bamboo Tea Whisk) is an important tool for whisking Matcha.

Used to aerate the matcha which enhances the flavour and creates a smooth & creamy texture.

Bamboo is revered for it's antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Less porous than hard woods, it is the perfect food safe utensil.

Odour resistant wood fibre.

How to whisk:

  • Hold the whisk with a relaxed grip.
  • Position the whisk just off the bottom of the bowl.
  • Following a back & forward motion, whisk quickly until the matcha forms a smooth, creamy foam on top (about 1 minute).
  • Pro tip - It's all in the way you move your wrist.  Try to relax the shoulder and elbow of the whisking arm.
  • Remember to breathe while whisking.

Clean your bamboo whisk with a mild detergent & warm water.  Rinse and set to dry naturally.

The prongs will slightly relax over time. This is a natural characteristic and doesn't compromise the whisking ability.  

Store your whisk in a dry environment and free from other objects.