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Chai - Traditional Spice - Award Winning

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Our most popular blend. 

Traditional Spice is award winning, premium organic loose leaf chai and has become a pantry staple for many chai lovers over the years.

Rich, aromatic and unforgettable, Chai is a favourite amongst travellers and tea lovers worldwide. It stimulates the mind and heart and gives clarity and joy. Our Traditional Chai recipe was formulated upon the medicinal Ayurvedic traditions, where herbs and spices are generally not used alone but in compounds, which greatly increase their healing powers.  

Ayurveda means "The Science of Life." Originating from the vision of people of spiritual knowledge and is one of the oldest, most visionary, most developed science of herbal medicine in the world. With that in mind our Organic Chai blend  was created with the effort of conveying the ancient science of Ayurvedic herbalism to our modern needs. 

Traditionally in India, chai was an herbal concoction – used in Ayurvedic medicine and consisted of herbs and spices to soothe a particular ailment. Black tea was later introduced after the British began growing tea in India. Today many Chai blends on the market, can be anything from sugary sweet powders or syrups, and flavoured tea with a few spices added. Our Traditional Spice Blend has been masterfully crafted with attention to detail and care when sourcing each organic ingredient. Seductively spicy and flamboyant aromatics are exhibited in this masterful creation. Through passion and dedication this blend was created with the intention for health and healing, that brings us into greater harmony with life. Compared to most chai blends on the market, ours is potent and can be made quickly if you are on the run or slowly, to allow the goodness to steep. Both methods work well and are delicious.

The tea we use is very important to us. Having access to 12 premium tea gardens in India always makes tasting and cupping a fun part of the job. We ensue sustainable, organic practices and don’t allow herbicides or pesticides. We use premium CTC Assam Tea, which is fast infusing, full bodied and great for the cafes, as well as perfect for boiling on the stove top. CTC Teas are made through the Crush, Tear, and Curl (CTC) process of manufacture producing a granular leaf particle. Due to the small particle size CTC teas brew quicker and make a more full bodied gustier cup than Orthodox tea. So in addition to the milk that is usually added to Chai, having a smaller particle size makes it fuller in body than other orthodox teas.

The combination of Chai ingredients delivers all six Ayurvedic tastes for balance and satisfaction.

  • Cardamom – relieves gas and stimulate appetite for life.
  • Cinnamon – boost digestion and regulates blood sugar.
  • Black Pepper – stimulates digestion and clears the mind.
  • Clove – freshens breath, pain-reducing, and threatens bacteria.
  • Dry Ginger – stimulates digestion and reduces body pain.
  • Licorice – moistens tissues and effective expectorant.
  • Fennel - stimulates digestion and calming to the nerves.
  • Star Anise – protects from the flu.
  • Assam Tea - loaded with anti-oxidants and decreases heart attacks and strokes.

Balanced yet complex, this blend bursts with clarity and depth, delivered in a velvety body.  Chai lovers can now experience our most exquisite and delicious blend with family, friends and loved ones.

  • 100% certified ORGANIC ingredients
  • Vegan, gluten free, sugar free
  • Small Batch & blended by hand
  • Loose leaf premium tea
  • Whole spices
  • Award winner at the 2019 Golden Leaf Awards hosted by the Australian Tea Expo.
  • Best enjoyed with friends.