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Rooibos Chai - Caffeine Free

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This heartwarming blend contains the same traditional spice mix plus we've replaced the black tea with organic red rooibos, for a caffeine free chai fix.  Our perfectly balanced ratio of rooibos and spice creates a smooth, rich and full-bodied flavour. 

Native to South Africa, the rooibos bush offers all the antioxidants commonly found in green tea, without the caffeine content. One of the coolest aspects of rooibos is that it won't get more astringent and bitter the longer it's infused in hot water; it will just get stronger and more flavorful, making this blend delicious to simmer on the stove.

Careful attention to the oxidation levels in the Rooibos is important to us. Not all Rooibos teas are created equal. When choosing, we look for the darkest, most vibrant in colour which is in most cases stronger, sweeter and richer in flavour.

    For a soothing herbal infusion, try the rooibos chai before bed.  Delicious without milk or sweetener.

    • 100% certified ORGANIC ingredients
    • Vegan, gluten free, sugar free
    • Small Batch & blended by hand
    • Loose leaf premium tea
    • Whole spices
    • Best enjoyed with friends.